Promote your Business or Event

Promote your business or event with Imprinted Promotional Products, Custom Embroidery and Silk Screening.  Promotional products can be fun, beautiful, informative and useful. Great promotional products options are available at all price points.

Have you ever noticed how many successful businesses use imprinted Promotional Products? It's because they work! Company recognition is one of the fundamental building blocks of a successful marketing strategy. 

  •  When your client (or donor) has an ad-specialty product with your name on it, in front of them everyday, they are more likely to call you when they need your product or service.
  •  One in four people walk around with (and wearing) promotional products and 82.6% of those people can recall the product advertised on their imprinted item. Let your clients advertise for you.  When potential customers see their friends and neighbors with a product with your name, it becomes an unspoken recommendation for your company or advertising campaign.  
  • Get noticed!  Making people feel "at home" with your company will encourage new and repeat business and increase your profits.
  •  Keep your employees...Rewarding your employees helps to promote job satisfaction and retention. Plus it can just be fun!! 
  •  Embroidered corporate apparel adds another level of professionalism to your company's projected appearance, while reinforcing your branding efforts, adding to your community's awareness of your presence.
Custom embroidery and silk screening have become the industry standard and are economical ways to decorate your corporate and fund raising apparel.  We can help, we can save you time which saves you money, we will deliver on time and we love your business! 
Call us or email us today if we can help you research your promotional products needs or with any questions.


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